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EMBRACE: Officially EAP Certified

Men and women from all over the United States came to north Idaho to participate in Unbridled’s Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophies seminar taught by Elaine Davis. A branch of Greg Kersten’s O.K. Corral series, the founder of EAGALA, Elaine Davis has spent the last several years working with Greg to create a faith-based branch of his equine assisted learning techniques.

EMBRACE partnered with C&C Horsemanship to host the event up in Rathdrum, Idaho. The three-day seminar taught how natural horse and herd behavior can be a highly effective tool to help individuals, families and teams.

EMBRACE has been a sister ministry to Crystal Peaks’ Youth Ranch in Bend, Oregon for several years ( Crystal Peaks also uses the FBEAP model in their work with troubled youth. Not only does the FBEAP certification allow for more precise and intentional help for those struggling to see how the lies they believe affect their everyday life and relationships, it also offers a physical representation of how we are designed to operate in unity.

By observing horse and herd behavior, regardless of whether the horses are papered or a wild mustang, individuals and teams are able to identify methods and behaviors in their own life that have not been effective and why. Additionally, they’re able to see what is effective and how to implement it personally and professionally. By working with the horse, and each other, growth happens in a wholly unique way.

“Horses cannot lie,” said Elaine Davis. “They tell on you every time.” By observing what the client is doing, what the client is saying, and what the horse is doing, EAP facilitators are able to ask questions that allow the Holy Spirit to shine a light on the lies clients are believing, and then to reveal the truth. “The truth is what sets people free,” Elaine continued. EMBRACE plans to host another certification seminar with Elaine Davis in 2020 with a specific focus on addressing trauma.

Anyone can participate in this training. More details will come in the future. If you’d like to volunteer with EMBRACE, or know someone who could benefit from equine assisted learning, contact EMBRACE staff.

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