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The Power of Relationship

It’s been nearly one year since our nation shut down in response to COVID-19. States have responded in a variety of ways to the pandemic while mandates have been passed and new laws established in a flurry while people struggled to grab on to what is solid and true. Many have found that things they thought they could depend on—a job, a home, general freedoms of America—are not as stable as they once believed.

At EMBRACE, our aim is to share the good news of Jesus Christ to those we serve. As we attempt to navigate the same trials as all of you, we’ve become even more convinced of the relevancy and necessity of Jesus Christ. Why?

Relationship with Jesus Christ provides us all with hope no matter what happens in this life. While we endure losses, disappointments, frustration, discouragement, and suffering, we cling to the hope that doesn’t disappoint: a confident expectation of eternity.

As we grit our teeth at choices of some government leaders, we praise God that the ultimate Judge is good and true. While we wrestle with this pandemic’s impact on our finances, we rest in knowing our loving Father gives us all that we need.

When we’re hurt by the sinful choices of others, we remember that Jesus died to pay the penalty for our own sin against him, and we choose forgiveness. We’re not experts in this area, but we’re helped by the Holy Spirit who’s given to all who have faith in and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

We never know when our time is up, and so we use this time to share the truth and the hope that we all cling to in every season: Jesus Christ died to give eternal life and it’s a free gift to all who believe. Believe, confess, receive, and watch as your relationship with the King of kings turns your life into the greatest and most purposeful adventure you could have ever hoped for.

So we invite you, as we do with all those we see face-to-face, to get to know Jesus Christ. We’re not talking about religion, but about relationship with the greatest man who ever lived, and the only man who ever raised Himself from the dead.

He’s alive, and He’s inviting you to follow Him.


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