Active Ministry Horses

What is most unique about our ministry is each session leader uses her personal horse for the sessions. This allows us to more intimately know the personalities of each horse to match with the appropriate participant, as well as to best relate our relationship with God to the rider's relationship to the horse. Read more about our horses and those we have in training here!

Don't see a horse you recognize? Some of our horses have retired from ministry, or simply moved on to different ways of life. Check out our Inactive Ministry Horses to see the horses who have served us over the years!


Quarter Horse | Sorrel Gelding | DOB: 2012 | 15.1 Hands

Quarter Horse | Sorrel Gelding | DOB: 2012 | 15.1 Hands

My registered name is Mr. Awesome Mac, but I'm known as Abe to all who know and love me. I was named after Abraham Lincoln by the folks who raised me for the first two years of my life. When I was two years old I was given to my current family because they were willing to take a chance on me.


You see, no one wanted me because I had tested positive for HYPP, which is a muscular disease caused by inherited genetic mutation. I have never had any bad symptoms and I have proven everyone wrong. My current family trained me with love and care and took me to the show pen to show me off. I won Highpoint champion at every show I was entered in during my three and four-year-old year. I love going to horse shows, but now I also have the chance to take part in EMBRACE.


At EMBRACE I get to have so much fun being the class clown. I love to make everyone laugh with my funny faces, sticking out my tongue, zipping zippers with my teeth, nibbling on everything and picking things up. I have even learned to play with a giant soccer ball and take a bow. My mom would say my greatest gift is helping to build people's confidence. I stay calm when they're full of fear and scared to ride. I don't like to go too fast so they can take their time, relax and enjoy themselves and just let my mom tell them all about Jesus! I love to meet new folks and make new friends and can't wait to meet you soon!




American Paint Horse, APHA | Buckskin Mare | DOB: 2009 | 15.1 Hands

American Paint Horse, APHA | Buckskin Mare | DOB: 2009 | 15.1 Hands

My registered name is True Patience Plus, but everyone calls me Shea. I came to Renae's family when I was one year old. Renae's oldest daughter bought me as a project horse to start to ride and sell. Her plan didn't work so well because everyone fell in love with me!


I was trained with love and kindness and was able to do all sorts of fun things my first three years. We rode in the mountains, played with cows and a flag. I took a special trip with Renae and her cowgirl friends and played with buffalo in Montana. I tried swimming and loved that too! My adventures were on hold for a few years as I moved to another family but when Renae got the chance she bought me back because she missed me so much!


I think God wanted me to be part of EMBRACE and Renae did too! She has a big sign in our barn that says, "as for me and my horse, we will serve the Lord." Now me and my sisters are all kept ready to love on everyone that comes to EMBRACE. Maybe I will meet you someday and then Renae can tell you more about me and what God is doing through EMBRACE!



Quarter Horse, AQHA | Sorrel, Mare | DOB: 2002 | 15.0 Hands

Quarter Horse, AQHA | Sorrel, Mare | DOB: 2002 | 15.0 Hands

I was born in 2002 and my registered name is Smart Country Girl. My mom bought me in 2007. We've worked on our relationships for a few years. I'm a pretty sensitive gal, but I'm willing and kind if you give me some time to trust you. My mom had to really up her horsemanship skills to gain my trust!


She's taught me to be more patient, trusting, honest and willing to go beyond my fears. I love taking my mom into God's beautiful country. My mom says there's nothing like experiencing the stillness of the wilderness with me. She once said, "Power ready to hand over to you to fly through a field with a touch of a leg, thunder up a mountain and swim in a lake to feel her float beneath you." My mom says I'm powerful, but says my power is nothing compared to the power of God!


I enjoy trail riding, western dressage, obstacles and pretty much any time together. I'm a trustworthy partner happy to be an EMBRACE team member!




Quarter Horse, AQHA | Bay Rabacino Mare | DOB: 2013 | 15.0 Hands

Quarter Horse, AQHA | Bay Rabacino Mare | DOB: 2013 | 15.0 Hands

I was born in Spokane, Washington in 2013. Renae rescued me not long after my momma weaned me. I was very little and very hungry, standing in deep mud with my mother who was hurt. she couldn't leave me there so she bought me and took me home.


My registered name is One Tough Hickory, but everyone calls me Brea. My life with Renae started out with a lot of play dates with my friend Nitro. We ran around the arena together, played with a ball and learned to go through all kinds of obstacles. We followed the big horses through the woods when Renae and Colleen went riding. My turn finally came for Renae to ride me and I learned so much!


Before long my turn came to go on a cowgirl rereat. Nitro went too and we got to play in a river and lake, climb mountains and run through the woods in Montana! I think my favorite thing is chasing cows. Renae says I'm a natural! I do my best to listen and improve my training all the time. Mom says I'm doing really great and my favorite thing to do with EMBRACE is to take people through the obstacle course. 


Duece's Wild


Mustang #3664, South Steens HMA | Sorrel, Gelding | DOB: 2015 | 15.2 Hands

Mustang #3664, South Steens HMA | Sorrel, Gelding | DOB: 2015 | 15.2 Hands

I was purchased at auction as a two-year-old, gentled out of the wild for the Teens and Oregon Mustang co in-hand competition. I was started under saddle the next fall and started participating in ministry sessions the next summer! I'm a quick learner and love to be worked with.


My mom got me with the intention of giving me to her husband, and then she fell in love with me - who wouldn't? There's not much I won't put up with or try when asked. As long as I have a confident leader I'll do just about anything! I tend to have more "whoa" than "go," despite being a young kid from the wild, but I love spending time with people. I'm just a big boy who loves to be loved on. I can't wait to meet you!




Quarter Horse | Red Bay, Mare | DOB: 2007 | 14.1 Hands

Quarter Horse | Red Bay, Mare | DOB: 2007 | 14.1 Hands

Amy acquired me in 2016 from wonderful family friends in Post falls. My previous owners had all sorts of adventures with me and have even come to visit me at my new home. My original name was Moony because of the crescent-shaped star on my forehead. 


If horses came with gears, I like going fast and being in 4wd the most. Trail riding is my favorite. I may be small but I have such a big heart. I'm very curious and smart, which causes me to get into trouble sometimes.  I am also an escape artist that likes to try to find the weak point in my fences so I can go visit my horse friends next door.


I was my mom's first horse ride after not riding for 20+ years. I must have done well because she took me home to love on me. I have enjoyed learning so much with her. Besides all the things I already knew, she has taught me to sidepass, to lunge, and swimming. But most of all I am learning patience. I also love to have her nine-year-old ride me. We are even going to do 4-H this year together. 


God has directed my mom's steps towards EMBRACE. I am so excited to be on this journey with her and would love to meet you.




Quarter Horse | Tobiano Paint, Gelding | DOB: 2009 | 14.2 Hands

Good day! My name is Boone. I used to be called Lucky, but Buffy, my lady, decided that she didn’t like that name when she took me home in August 2021. You see, I have been searching for a forever home all of my life.

I don’t remember a whole lot but here goes. I was first rescued from a Kill Auction in Texas around 2016. I was then taken to a home in Rockford, WA and then sold again in 2020. When I met Buffy, I was living on a ranch with a nice lady but she said I wouldn’t be able to be a healer for her roping team. So, Buffy came and took me home.

I am learning a lot of things that at first I thought didn’t make sense. As I tried and tried some more, I learned I can do it. Buffy always says, “Good Boy Boone!” I love hearing that so I try even harder.

The summer of 2022 I interviewed to be an EMBRACE horse and I got the job!! I can’t wait to give this job my all because I am no longer Lucky, I’m Boone, that means Blessed and I sure am because now I have my forever home!




Quarter Horse, AQHA | Grullo, Gelding | DOB: 2013 | 15.2 Hands

Quarter Horse, AQHA | Grullo, Gelding | DOB: 2013 | 15.2 Hands

My name is Mr. Obvious D. Light, better known as "Nitro" by my friends and family. I'm an American Quarter horse gelding. My coat is known as grullo, or grulla, which is one of the rarest horse coat colors.


My mom bought me when I was six months old, as soon as I was old enough to leave my horsey mom. My mom says I've grown to be a very smart, confident, funny, playful boy. I love to meet and greet all horses and humans I see. I'm very social. I love learning new things and trying hard to make my mom happy. I'm really good at obstacle courses and I've done a lot of trail riding, chasing cows and playing with a big soccer ball. I also love to play with anything I can pick up and put in my mouth and I'll continue a show career in the future.


I've made my debut with EMBRACE as a demonstration horse for bowing before the Lord Jesus. When I'm not working on EMBRACE training I'm hanging out in the pasture with my herd, going on trail rides with my mom and practicing for showing in the summer. I can't wait to meet you!




American Morgan, AMHA | Liver Chestnut, Gelding | DOB: 2006 | 15.2 Hands

American Morgan, AMHA | Liver Chestnut, Gelding | DOB: 2006 | 15.2 Hands

I am a kind and gentle fellow as long as you treat me with kindness, understanding and are a fair leader. I can be a little tentative at times, but am willing to try new things. My mom has taught me to be a good riding partner and has helped me to gain confidence in myself. At first, I did not like being in the front on a trail ride. But now, I am bold enough to lead the way. I can sidepass, back, go over bridges, and am currently being taught to go through a rope gate while being ridden! Which is a little scary because I think it is an electric fence. With each new obstacle that I overcome, I gain more strength and courage to boldly step up to the next challenge. It has taken my mom a while to figure me out, but as long as she stays patient with me and keeps asking I will give it a go. This year she took me on the equine retreat. It was so much fun getting to cross over creeks, play in the lake and go up some really steep hills!








Kentucky Mountain Gated Horse | Tabiano, Gelding | DOB: 2005 | 15.3 Hands

Kentucky Mountain Gated Horse | Tabiano, Gelding | DOB: 2005 | 15.3 Hands

My name is Robi, and I was born in Jackson, Kentucky. My mom brought me home from Las Vegas to her ranch in Coeur d'Alene. We spend lots of time riding in national forests, state parks, and our friend's cattle ranch. I don't like cattle. Never did, never will. Me and my mom have an agreement: she doesn't make me work cattle, and I have promised not to freak out around them to keep her safe. I worked my way up in the herd, from the newcomer (she had a couple of big mules and another saddle horse), to her current main man. The only time she rides that 'other' horse is when I've logged so many trail miles that I need a break.

Mom considers me a gift from God; a tool she can use to help spread His Word. I consider myself to be one of God's heavenly warriors. If a rider is nervous or insecure, I understand those feelings because I've felt them myself. It took the love and faith of my mom, and the patience of the trainers who worked with me to help me conquer my fear of those fire breathing cows. I can show you how to suppress your fears and build confidence. I can be as patient with you as my mom and trainers were with me. I consider myself proof that anyone can succeed with the right support system. Mom and I are both excited to begin our ministry with EMBRACE, and are looking forward to sharing the love God has for all of us.




American Paint Horse | Bay Tobiano Mare | DOB: 1997 | 15.2 Hands

American Paint Horse | Bay Tobiano Mare | DOB: 1997 | 15.2 Hands

I am as rock solid as they come. Most mares are considered moody but I'm the same quiet and steady girl three hundred and sixty five days of the year, 24/7 and has been since I came into my family on Valentine's Day in 2005. I love trail rides, gathering cows and barrel racing. I'm very sweet and I love being groomed so much that I sometimes fall asleep while being brushed! 

My even temperament usually makes me a prime choice for first time riders. I can't wait to meet you!




Miniature Horse | Chestnut Pinto Gelding | DOB: 2015 | 35.5"

Miniature Horse | Chestnut Pinto Gelding | DOB: 2015 | 35.5"

Hi! I'm Nick - and I love getting attention from people. I came into my family in 2016. I was born in Oregon but came up to Idaho to sell and for awhile no one wanted me! But someone saw the potential in me no one else saw and decided I just needed the right partner. They were right! 

I'm a bit of a clown and a show off and with my stable mates I'm a bit of an annoying little brother. I'll do just about anything you ask me though! I've traveled all the way to Tulsa Oklahoma for Miniature Horse Nationals three times and I've won many national titles. With the right partner I've come a long way and I've got a lot more love and life to give!

My favorite things to do are obstacles and halter showmanship, and I love getting loved on my those at Embrace. I look forward to seeing you soon!




Palomino Tennessee Walker | Gelding | DOB: 2001 | 15.1 Hands

Palomino Tennessee Walker | Gelding | DOB: 2001 | 15.1 Hands

Hi! I'm Ed. I've known my mom Madeline since I was a three year old in training - a long time ago! She got me all to herself when I was thirteen years old and we've been on a lot of adventures together since then.

I am one good-looking gelding and I am happy to show it! I walk with a strut and yet I am also one of the most dependable and steady horses around. I'm sure footed and will take care of my mom no matter what kind of terrain we ride in. 

I am so excited to get to go on this new adventure with her and be part of EMRBACE! Not only do I love getting loved on and getting treats, but I love getting to partner with my mom to share the love of our Creator with you! I look forward to meeting you!



Core with Words.png





Mustang, Warm Springs HMA | Bay, Mare | DOB: 2015 | 16 Hands

Zilla came to us when she was five years old with some basic skills like wearing a halter and picking up her feet but it didn't take much to get her trained! She has been a gentle giant from day one!


Her first ride was bareback in a construction zone with saws, drills and heavy machinery making every noise you can think of behind her and above her head. She didn't bat an eye and that steadfast personality has carried on ever since. Though Zilla still has a lot to learn under saddle she trusts with her whole heart and listens very closely to her rider. She's kind but strong, willing to take directions if you can show her you know what you want, but strong enough to take care of her rider if she can tell they're not so sure where they want to go.


Zilla's favorite things are being brushed, being cuddled in her pen when you come to muck and eating! She is a treasure friend around the barn and we can't wait for you to meet her!




Molly Mule | Sorrel | DOB: 2004 | 15 Hands