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Helping hearts | homes for horses

Feeding the Horse


Helping Hearts

We provide equine-assisted trauma counseling.


Operating under Embrace's mission of bringing relationships alive through a Christ-centered experience, Wild Hope is unique in its ability to provide expressive equine assisted counseling to individuals, couples, and families who have experienced trauma.

At Wild Hope, two trauma-trained and Holy Spirit led session leaders use recently untouched horses, gentled by the time they start working with clients, to help clients learn to manage themselves and connect in relationship.

Over the course of eight weeks clients will learn and practice eight character traits necessary for relationship building: patience, perseverance, presence, courage, boundaries, communication, humility, and love. After the eight sessions clients will be more prepared to engage in their traditional counseling sessions for further healing from relational trauma.

Wild Hope is not a replacement for traditional counseling methods, but a supplement to an already effective, but overwhelmed, system.


While EMBRACE's traditional system is run by volunteers and operates at no cost to participants, Wild Hope provides a service to our community at a minimal fee to help fund the ministry.


Want to schedule a session? Click on the link to learn more!

Homes for Horses

Wild Hope picks up two untouched horses in the spring to use in sessions (clients do not ride). These horses are typically old enough to be started in the saddle by the time we sell them, but they could be yearlings as well. 

By the time Wild Hope receives them, these horses could be wild from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), grade horses loose on hundreds of acres with a herd, TIP trained through the BLM, or even a papered horse with little to no work done.

We don't rescue abused horses as much as we take horses that have had minimal human exposure and get them trained from the ground up.


We expose these horses to a lot of different people from varying backgrounds and age groups, as well as to dogs, chickens, cats, loud vehicles, trailers, tractors and a variety of other things! Depending on the pace each horse requires, some of our horses will have had experience on the trail as well as in the arena by the time we sell them.

Our goal is to sell these amazing horses before winter, however if we're able to receive enough donations for feed and care through the winter months their training and session work will continue until the spring where they'll once again go up for sale.

Want to sponsor a horse? Give us a call to learn how! 208-352-0607.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


All of our sessions include minimum one horse. Whether doing an individual session or a group session there will always be at least one trauma-informed counselor and one equine specialist to maintain safety, integrity, and accountability throughout the session.

Each session is 50 minutes long and will provide opportunities to grow in at least one of the eight character traits that foster healthy relationships: presence, patience, perseverance, courage, boundaries, communication, humility and love. A portion of the proceeds of each session go right back into Embrace Equine Ministry.

To schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how Wild Hope can help, contact Renae Buck at 208-352-0607.