New Program Coming in 2022!

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Lord willing and with the financial help of our community, EMBRACE will launch Wild Hope in 2022 as a branch of EMBRACE Equine Ministry.


Operating under the same mission of bringing relationships alive through a Christ-centered experience, Wild Hope is unique in its ability to serve individuals, couples, and families who have experienced trauma.

At Wild Hope, two trauma-trained and Holy Spirit led session leaders use recently untouched horses, gentled by the time they start working with clients, to help clients learn to manage themselves and connect in relationship.

Over the course of eight weeks clients will learn and practice eight character traits necessary for relationship building: patience, perseverance, presence, courage, boundaries, communication, humility, and love. After the eight sessions clients will be more prepared to engage in their traditional counseling sessions for further healing from relational trauma.

Wild Hope is not a replacement for traditional counseling methods, but a supplement to an already effective, but overwhelmed, system.


While EMBRACE's traditional system is run by volunteers and operates at no cost to participants, Wild Hope provides a service to our community at a minimal fee to help fund the ministry.

To set up an appointment, or to learn more, contact Renae Buck at 208-691-9673.

If you'd like to give financially to support the startup of this branch of our ministry, you can donate through PayPal, Venmo, or write a check made out to Embrace Equine Ministry and mail it to us at:
PO Box 313

Hayden, ID. 83835

Just put "Wild Hope" in the description!

Goal by December 2021