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Adjusting to Growth and Change

Every year each of us experiences degrees of change. Some change feels good, some feels bad, but most change is uncomfortable. In the midst of change, it helps if we have someone we trust guiding us through the process.

Dove is a three-year-old mustang from the Warm Springs HMA. She was untouched until just six weeks ago when one of our volunteers received her from the Bureau of Land Management. In the last six weeks, Dove has had to learn that people are safe, the hands that feed her can be trusted, and new things—while scary—are not the end of her.

Recently Dove had her first experience with multiple hands in her space at once. A group of young ladies who come to our weekly EMBRACE session stepped into Dove’s pen to muck, and every young hand desired to reach for her and show some love. If Dove hadn’t experienced the patient, consistent, trusting hand of her owner, she never would have been able to experience the multiple hands of strangers.

As we go through our own series of changes, even kind gestures from uncertain places can be looked at with a leery eye. Our heavenly Father is holding out His own patient, consistent, and trusting hand to us in these uncertain times. Circumstances may be frightening, what’s around the corner is entirely unknown (as much as we’d like to say we can predict what’s coming), and our heavenly Father is waiting for us to trust him with the outcome.

With every step of trust, we’re able to endure the bigger changes and slower transitions with the grace and strength we need to move forward. Dove had to trust her owner to make progress in their relationship. We must trust our heavenly Father to experience better connection with Him, and a better life with Him.

Dove has grown even more as she continues to choose to trust. She serves as a reminder that when we trust our Provider our life gets richer, and our influence, and His influence, grows. Girls who struggled to connect with people softened when they received Dove’s trust. How can you soften those around you with the trust you demonstrate in your heavenly Father and Provider?

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