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Pinkerton Retirement Specialists Sponsoring EMBRACE Gala

There is a growing need in Kootenai county, and Pinkerton Retirement Services is sponsoring a gala dinner for EMBRACE Equine Ministry to help meet that need.

In 2019, Idaho was home to 172 reported sexual assaults, 674 cases of domestic violence, and 376 sexually abused children. According to Safe Passage of Idaho ( 66% of these cases go unreported each year so the numbers are significantly higher. The need for trauma-informed counseling services is high, and EMBRACE is offering a new program to meet that need with trauma-informed equine assisted learning and pastoral counseling.

Since EMBRACE was founded in 2014 the board of directors has had a clear mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ through His gift of the horse. Since 2017, operating just two days a week as a mobile ministry, EMBRACE has served more than 500 women, adolescents, and children in Kootenai and Spokane counties at no cost to participants.

Still, we receive frequent emails and phone calls asking for more help. In years past we were unable to meet this growing need. However, this year, after much planning and preparation, we’re taking a step to expand our services. Our goal for 2022 is to expand our ministry operations from two days a week, to five days a week, Monday through Friday. Our neighbors are hurting, and we are striving to provide the precise care and support necessary to help.

To do so, we’ve spent the last year creating a subsidiary to EMBRACE called Wild Hope, which will provide Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and trauma-informed counseling for individuals, couples and families. For three days a week, using untouched horses, including mustangs captured by the Bureau of Land Management, Wild Hope will provide non-riding services to empower and equip our participants to have

healthier relationships with self and others, and achieve personal growth. The remaining weekdays will be designated to provide our usual ministry services at no cost to participants.

Invitations to the gala will arrive before the end of July, so keep an eye out! If you do not receive a formal invitation, stay up to date with our Facebook page which will let you know when the gala will be open to the public. If you can’t come to the event in person, we would love for you to join us out of the comfort of your home during the Facebook live event to hear how you can partner with us in helping our community.

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds (Psalm 147:3). We’re coming to partner with him in the process. Join us on September 30th!


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