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A Step Forward - We've Gone Mobile!

“Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.” - Psalm 37:3-5, ESV

From the very beginning EMBRACE was founded on the uncompromising mission of sharing the love of Jesus through the gift of the horse. Determined to grow in God’s timing and God’s way, the volunteer staff and board members of EMBRACE have spent the last several years watching the Lord provide. Whether it was a location to do horse sessions, a generous financial donation, another committed and faithful volunteer, or simply good weather for outdoor sessions, God has provided again and again.

Once again, another provision has been made. From the beginning, the vision for EMBRACE was to be a mobile ministry until the Lord provided EMBRACE with a ranch of her own. As a mobile ministry, everything needed to share the love of Jesus through the gift of the horse could be loaded into a cargo or horse trailer and taken to those willing to hear the gospel. Up until recently, however, EMBRACE has lacked the cargo trailer to help make this dream a reality.

For the last two years EMBRACE has been eternally grateful for the provision made by Sonrise Ranch to hold horse sessions, celebrations, as well as training opportunities. Recently, however, it has been on the hearts of all members to pursue the initial vision of being a mobile ministry.

For the last few weeks the team has been praying specifically into that vision, asking God to provide what He desired for His ministry by the end of May. We serve a specific God, and He loves to show up in specific ways!

EMBRACE had a budget and a desired size for the cargo trailer. However, a problem continued to rise that the trailers within the budget were too small, or the right sized trailers exceeded the budget. Undeterred, the staff continued to pray.

The Lord brought a scripture to the team during their weekly Bible study in Acts 12. Peter was arrested and put in jail by king Herod. While Peter was in prison, earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church. That night, while Peter slept between two soldiers, an angel of the Lord appeared, removed his chains and led Peter out of the jail, the gates opening of their own accord. In an answer to earnest prayer, Peter was miraculously set free!

That evening, the EMBRACE treasurer declared a generous donor provided an anonymous donation of $1,000 to the ministry. Remembering the scripture mentioned that morning, the vice president suggested we look at Craigslist once more in case any new trailers had come onto the market within the new budget. Sure enough, a cargo trailer that met the desired size, and fit within the new budget, had been posted just a few hours earlier.

After a quick phone call to ensure the trailer was still available, the board members went to the location the following morning to inspect it. The rest of the team continued to pray. The trailer was outfitted with a counter space, a small sink, propane tanks and space for our participants to do their crafts and warm up with a cup of coffee, or have shelter in case of rain or snow. It was clean, sound, and a gift from God.

That warm, sunny afternoon, EMBRACE was blessed to receive a cargo trailer, which is exactly what was needed in order to live the dream of being a mobile equine ministry! It’s taken four years to receive it, but in the appropriate timing, and in an answer to persistent prayer for a specific need, God provided the trailer, as well as the funds to purchase it.

Sometimes the Lord leads us down a path that looks like a detour. It seems to go in the completely opposite direction from what we envision, and yet even the detour has a purpose. Often we don’t get to see what it is God’s doing during such times of waiting. One can be certain, however, that it’s in the waiting our faith is strengthened, and it’s in the waiting we learn most of what will be needed in the season of actually receiving.

The staff of EMBRACE is so excited to see what new things God will do for His glory with what He’s entrusted EMBRACE to steward. Today He has supplied a cargo trailer to move forward as a mobile ministry. The long term dream of having an EMBRACE owned ranch continues to sharpen and develop, and we are confident the Lord is preparing such a place and will provide it in His perfect timing.

We invite you to join us in praying for our vision! Saddle up with us as we pray for those He has for us to minister to, and for our own hearts and minds to continue to be unified as one in Christ! As always, praise God, from whom all good and perfect blessings flow!

*Our next vision is to have the trailer wrapped with the EMBRACE logo in order to increase our visibility to the public. The EMBRACE trailer would not only serve as a place to rest and do crafts between horse sessions, but our dream is to take it to places like the Kootenai and Spokane county fairgrounds, and other locations as well, in order to share more information about the EMBRACE ministry. If you’d like to make a donation to help us make this dream come to fruition, go to our Donate page, or click HERE.

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